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Advanced Stucco Inspection has been performing stucco inspections and stucco repairs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey for decades, and as experienced forensic building scientists, we are the area’s leader in stucco cladding system failure investigations.

We have performed stucco inspections, testing and repairs for countless commercial and residential property owners. Our knowledgeable team of stucco experts has seen it all and have been successful at pinpointing problem areas and repairing stucco in the most challenging situations.

Our experience has not only made us a leading stucco inspection, testing and repair company with customers, but it has also made us a trusted consultant amongst builders. As consultants we provide oversight and technical assistance to builders, architects and general contractors in PA & NJ.

We’ve provided expert witness testimony on a number of the stucco failure investigations that we’ve performed.

Missing kickout flashing. Water staining underneath windows.
OSB is completely deteriorated. WRB/felt paper is visible from the interior.
Faux stone should be treated just like stucco. No visible exterior signs of damage.
Look at the damage to the OSB sheathing underneath the faux stone.
No visible signs of damage at 2nd floor window.
Extensive damage and deterioration to sheathing visible from the interior.
Do you notice uneven drying?
Left: Before stucco removal. Right: During stucco remediation. Jumbo Tex in place, first layer of WRB.
Complete stucco replacement.

The Truth About Stucco

Facts vs. What the builders and realtors want to sell you!

According to Dr. Joseph Lstiburek, "Eastern PA is the stucco failure area of the country." Unfortunately, this failure also extends into the New Jersey and Delaware area.

Image of Stucco Remediation

What's lurking behind the walls of this stucco house?

Buying a stucco home in the PA or NJ area is a risky investment without:

  • A stucco inspection by a certified stucco inspector
  • Certification by Exterior Design Institute and Moisture Warranty Corp are the bare minimum requirements
  • Being certified is a basic criteria however, nothing trumps experience
  • Advanced Stucco Inspectors have investigated thousands of stucco damaged homes and commercial buildings

Stucco damage has the ability to destroy your financial well-being, but that doesn't have to be the case if you've educated yourself.

Simply call our experts at 610-642-6666 for more information.

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  • Stucco Repair

    Symptoms may include cracking in the stucco, water leakage into the wall cavities and around the windows and doors.


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